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Sales Management System


☆Sales Management System, mainly dealing with domestic and export sales of businesses operating, including customer relationship management, price management and other basic information and generate quotes, orders, change orders, sales, sales returned and other business processes, fully integrated inventory management system, accounts receivable system  and financial general ledger management system. Users can master business sales information and timely reminder of system processing of stocking, organize production, reminders of arrears to complete sales management automation. Statements provide monthly sales analysis, sales performance of profit distribution, accounts receivable profit distribution, sales forecast reaching rate analysis . . . and other sales analysis.       

  1. Set Operations

1. Domestic Customer Basic Data Setup 
2. Export Customer Basic Data Setup 
3. Customer Classification Setup 
4. Customer Source Setup
5. Customer Price Discounts Setup
6. Customer Payment Terms Setup 
7. Customer Transaction Currency Setup 
8. Customer Delivery Address Setup
9. Customer Multi- Contact Person Setup
10. Salesman Setup
11. Salesman Discount% Setup
12. Customer Grade Setup
13. Customer Credit Limit Setup
14. The General Price / Quantity Pricing Setup
15. Customer Contract Price-setting Operations (General Price / Quantity Pricing)
16. Selling price order setup 
17. Customer Credit Limit Setup
18. E-Paper Sending Operation
19. Sale Number of Decimal Places Setup
20. Sales Module Lockout Protection Setup 

 Documents Operation
1. Quotation record all historical customer quotes. Bid Price can be set out by the system, or quickly checked at “Quotation” in “Information”. Valid date controls expiration. Quotations online sign-up can reach paperless management and real-time nature. 
2. Order a. can be transferred from quotation b. can be added directly. Order” mainly provides various products intended for delivery on the management track, with relevant statements of non-delivery information: a. Expected sale scheduling b. Item on order c. Customer on order. When the order pact shipment all of the merchandise, the system will automatically change the status of the order pact to “closed”. 
3. Sale Pact link to four management: a. Inventory decrease b. Accounts receivable increase c. Generate a summons d. Costing. Documents provide managements of sale of goods and gifts. Without the use of quotations or order pacts, you can add sale pact directly. It can also be transferred from order; a purchase order can be transferred to a sales pact, more than one purchase order into a sales pact, a purchase order fractionated into more than one sales pact.   
4.  Purchase Changed Pact is used when the purchase order has been part of the ship, and the content of to ship goods is changed.
5. Order Assigned function is the assign of orders for the various sources of supply of goods, and according to sources of supply throw switch to the continuing operation of other relevant modules. Order assigned pact is the contact document of business unit and production and procurement or warehouse units. There are four sources of supply: a. Stock: Inventory of existing ship b. Self-made: Factory production c. Outsourcing: Commission to outside manufacturing plant d. Procurement: Supplier availability; Select “Self-made” or”Outsourcing”, system will automatically throw to master production by goods, led production management unit for the production of dispatching;   
6. Returns Discount Pact provide two functions: a. Return: accounts receivable deduction, summons establishment b. Discount: accounts receivable deduction, summons establishment.
7. Sales Projections Pact records sales projections and the amount, leads to sales forecast reaching rate analysis, production management unit incorporates stocking production when estimates MRP.
8. Customer Trading Pact records each customer service content and process results, for future inquiries and to track treatment progress. At “customer set” page also provides aggregator page of customer trading pact for business, customer service, manager quickly view customer service and trading.    
9. Customer Complaint Loading Pact records customer suggestions by products, supplies the company interior to make reference, takes the amend and improve product discussion and revision tracing; It has close management, consignee, resolver, handling date and other related fields.
10. Encasement pact automatically calculates the content according to the number of goods in sales pact integrates packaging and size setup in “Material Maintenance”.
11. Batch Inspection Operation: Sales pact information output batch inspection pact and can also output by sale period setup, sales, delivery warehouse, logistics agent, regional setups.
※Inquiry Operation:
1. Customer Fuzzy Query 
2. Quotation Books Query
3. Order Pact Books Query
4. Sales Pact books Query
5. Purchase Changed Pact Books Query
6. Order Assigned Pact Books Query
7. Returns Discount Pact Books Query
8. Sales Projections Pact Books Query
9. Customer Trading Pact Books Query
10. Customer Complaint Loading Pact Books Query
11. Encasement Pact Books Query
     12. Each document and book can adjust the order of columns check by the user, can be saved as Excel file; Also provides a diversified multi-field angle of inquiries and order, which is flexible and convenient.
※Feature of Module:
1. Through quote, order, and sale pacts to complete the sales flow, and record it for future selling price and historic information reference.
2. Quote, order, and sale pacts can be used elastically through actual flow; For example: The old customer can order directly, no need to quote; To sale on the spot, no need to quote and order, just subscribe the purchase order directly.
5. The quote pacts and order pacts provide electronic sign-off, which can be directly forwarded to the director to sign-off after order.
6. Each document has “temporary save” and “effect”, each user has its own permission. If the permission is enough, without enter “effect” after “temporary  save”, the user can enter “effect” directly. 
7. Online sign-off operation, to achieve sign-off e-oriented. Documents record sign-off people and time for future follow-up inquiries.
8. Through “Business Information”, the user can quickly check the client's quotes, orders, shipments and the number of existing stocks of goods and storage warehouses.
9. Multiple prices from: customer sales price, general contract price, product general price, last trading price.
10. After partial shipments you can still change the order quantity, delivery, and price.
11. Highly automated order processing: order items can directly specified outsourcing, automatically generated purchase orders; orders items can be directly designated self-produce, or directly into the production plan to open up the system orders. The order items can be directly designated outsourcing, resulting in outsourcing factory work orders. Orders delivery schedule can be traced and managed by customers or items.
12. Line of credit control, depending on individual customer credit lines and ultra-specified amount ratio.
13. Sales return, automatic reduction of accounts receivable, sales, inventory increases, automatic transfer to invoice.
14. Multiple sales pacts open one sales invoice. For the entire batch of monthly sales data open one invoice.
15. Sale performance Statistics: Account by date, by business, by customers, by product statistical analysis; by sales, by receivables, by profit performance.
16. Customer Grade:
Management of customers’ commodity items. Upgrade customer satisfaction.
17. E-paper connects client contact persons’ e-mail,   provides customer relationship maintenance (CRM), New Year e-cards, new product launches, event promotion, advertising promotions, DM transmitted to convey information quickly.
18. Marketing price management operations: a. the standard selling price common order form b. quantity of unit price c. the general orders by customer price d. quantity of unit price by customer price e. selling price order hypothesis
19.CRM customer relationship management operations: a. customer classification b. multiple contact person information c. customer trading pact d. customer trading pact combines e-mail transmitting e. E-paper information transmit





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