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MRP Management System


☆MRP Management System analyzes the adequacy of material goods in the inventory within schedules and recommend the appropriate amount of purchases according to production planning and scheduling to avoid the production lines are short or no materials. Recommend the proposed number of requisitions according to production plans; analysis the feasibility of newly added master production according to inventory material; dynamic inventory quantity available; multiple of order forms to estimate the materials.  
※ Set Operation
1. MRP parameter setting operation 
2. MRP system locks protection setup
※Document Operation
1. Short cycle sale MRP provides order estimation method: All orders, orders delivery, individual orders, a single commodity, etc. Assess   scope of material includes in-transit material (orders not yet shipped, procurement does not purchase), sales forecast, security inventory, the minimum order quantity, minimum production capacity.
2. When sales projection pact is assigned to short cycle sale MRP estimate, you can set whether it is included into estimates flexibility.   
3. Order is the major source of short cycle sale MRP estimation.
4. Master production can check the data of Master productions anytime.
5. Item inventory detail is provided for keep tracking existing inventory information.
6. Received by master production has led to query the using and receiving status of master production materials readily available.
7. Purchase pact is calculated by short cycle sale MRP for the suggestion quantity purchased and switched directly to the purchase flow after the director is approved.
8. Purchase order will be included in estimation when short cycle sale MRP estimates, accurate calculate the best purchases.

※Inquiry Operation
1. Short cycle sale MRP books query
2. Each document and book can adjust the order of columns check by the user, can be saved as Excel file; Also provides a diversified multi-field angle of inquiries and order, which is flexible and convenient.
※Feature of Module:
1. Through systematic, you can estimate the shortage of demand materials of production, provides procurement staff for procurement operation.
2. MRP materials demand estimate, in addition to assessment of the existing warehouse remaining amount of available materials, also including transit in estimates to calculate the accurate dynamic available inventory, provide the best recommendations procurement achieving goals to reduce and lower idle inventory.
3. Multi-angle MRP, the system can estimate through the existing master production, single order, multiple orders, all orders, order delivery, and the number of a single item.
4. Single commodity quantity estimates MRP, has provided the elasticity and the most immediate lack materials information. No need to open master production or receive the order to estimate, you can type the commodity and quantity by yourself and obtain the lack materials information quickly.





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