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Outsourcing Management System


Outsourcing system mainly manage the outsourcing process of the item numbers needed outsourcing in the production process, generates outsourcing processing pact according to master production in the system that needs outsourcing, and manage the outsourcing warehouse according to the outsourcing vendors receiving and returning; after outsourcing is completed, the relevant departments will proceed receiving inspection to decide whether into the production site directly or into storage processing, and proceed material deduction after inspection; the outsourcing system and master production system, site management system, inventory system, receivable and payable system are closely linked, it is the inseparable part of the production management system.

Any combination of process outsourcing

Single outsourcing or continuous process outsourcing

Flexible feeding set

According to single-stage or multi-stage BOM to adjustment the items and quantity of outsource feeding materials.

Outsourcing contract

Setting outsourcing contract unit price for multiple outsourcing process

Outsourcing inspection billable

Automatically created accounts payable / switch to expense voucher / outsourcing storage materials deduction/ outsourcing storage increase

Single outsourcing adjust

Outsourcing orders can be tailored to appoint outsourcing stock preparation, adjusting single material consumption licensing / outsourcing unit price/ factory discharge number

Outsourcing product inspection adjust

Completely stop outsourcing when inspection of poor quality etc., single adjustment of reducing the number of outsourcing production allowed material consumption

Outsourcing cost

Outsourcing products based on actual material consumption and the processing charge and will be included in cost

Outsourcer rates 

Outsourcer rating system, depending on quality / price / delivery to provide an analysis





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