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Receivable and Payable Management System


☆Receivable and Payable, mainly links sales pact for accounts receivable management, purchase closing pact for accounts payable management; The withholding payment management of purchase closing pact corresponds to opening operation function, and clearly manages accounts payable. Rigorous process of establish accounts payable, keep track of associated information; Processes of accounts receivable, open an account, receivables and strike a balance decentralize, so that the company's assets watertight. Statements provide aging table, statement detail, accounts receivables analysis table of salesperson... such statements.   
※Set Operations
1. Receivable and Payable Number of Decimal Places Setup  
2. General Procurement and Petty Cash Expenditure Setup
3. Other Sale and Other Collection Setup
4. Receivable and Payable Management System Lockout Protection Setup

※Documents Operation
1. Purchase Payable opens an account by purchase closing pact and will automatically open an account on accounts payable.
2. General Procurement is used to open an account for expenditures other than standard procurement, will automatically link to expenditure open account summons and accounts payable management.
3. Payment processes accounts payable payments operation of purchase payable and general procurement, strike a balance in accordance with currency, one on one accounts payable legislation, rigorous and detailed record of all outstanding debt.
4. Prepaid Reverse Pact is used for strike balance of advance charge and different currency.
5. Petty cash expenditures pact is used for internal staff to apply for a single use of petty cash, combined with the cost of the common module settings, so that operations become easier, and with the financial module of the spending account setup, easy to manage petty cash account balance available and should be completed in full.   
6. Other sale pact is used to open an account for incomes other than standard sales, will automatically link to income open account summons and accounts receivable management. 
7. Collection is used for log operations of the cashier staff when they receive a single payment.
8. Collection posting of currencies is used for accounting personnel corresponding to sales or other sales of accounts receivable strike a balance operation. Rigorous collection strike a balance model of income, accounts do not leak, makes the ERP spirit truly, the management, no matter within the money, a cashier does not manage, check and control from inside the management work.
9. Other collection is used for the petty cash income of a single non-operating income account operations legislation.

Inquiry Operation 
1. Purchase Payable Books Query
2. General Procurement Books Query
3. Payment Books Query
4. Prepaid Reverse Pact Books Query
5. Petty Cash Expenditures Pact Books Query
6. Other Sale Pact Books Query
7. Collection Books Query
8. Collection Posting of Currencies Books Query
9. Other Collection Books Query
10. Each document and book can adjust the order of columns check by the user, can be saved as Excel file; Also provides a diversified multi-field angle of inquiries and order, which is flexible and convenient.
※Feature of Module
1. Receivable / payable balances details begin establishment operation 
2. Received (paid) in advance / Provisional Acceptance (paid) deals with 
3. Effective combination with『Procurement management system』, 『Sales Management System』and『Financial General Ledger System』 of management.
4. A different currency balance write-off deal 
5. Automated accounts receivable (payable) accounts statement
6. Receivables overdue reports 
7. The establishment of accounts payable control can be identified by the finance staff to cope with the establishment of accounts, but also to make a batch build off savings in manpower.
8. Administrative expenditure management, the independent set of income, cost items, and specify the link to chart of accounts, corporate officers may not understand the accounting subjects can also apply for the balance of payments.
9. Cashier entire batch of payments, cashier can make the entire batch of applications to confirm payment.





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