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☆Cost Management , costs from the financial analysis, plant management, operations management and other different angles, provides different cost values with different people to reach the best management. Except the standard purchase costs, yet provides cost-sharing features that make the effective performance of the main expenditures of the commodities sale cost.

※ Set Operations
1. Cost Management System Lock-protected setup

※ Document Operations
1. On-sharing rate sets a variety of sharing ratios for the use of cost sharing pact.
2. Cost sharing is used for all major expenses apportioned cost of goods. Use on-sharing rate can monthly / each issue / quarterly / annually to easily complete the cost-sharing operation, so that the major expenditures other than the material costs of goods can be clearly reflected in cost of sales.
3. Cost changed provides each influence cost of all data origin; for example: purchase - cost increase/ sale - cost reduction /cost sharing - cost increase...and so on.
4. Cost sharing transfer cost changed by performance rate provides operations of cost sharing pact generated from on-sharing rate transfer to cost changed pact.
5. Month average cost mainly provides two kinds of calculation: a. month weighted b. moving average weighted; Accountants can follow the progress of the company's operations, according to the re-count operations of demand implementation cost.
6. Cost changed batch transfer voucher provides all documents which affect the cost generate the costs voucher; achieving the advantages of cost independent operation, so that accountants can have a clear and complete grasp of data anytime.
7. Production cost changed provides the manufacturing cost of production storage switch operations. This function is useless for the commercial systems.
8. Per-month cost transfer item basic cost is used to transfer the accurate unit costs of the goods after rally cost to inventory system →material maintenance → standard cost for the basis to estimate the selling profits for each item of commodity next month.
※ Inquiry Operation 
1. On-Sharing Rate Books Query
2. Cost Sharing Books Query
3. Cost Changed Books Query
4.  Each document and book can adjust the order of columns check by
user, can be saved as Excel file; Also provides a diversified multi-field angle of inquiries and order, which is flexible and convenient.

※Feature of Module
1. Independent settlement costs. Invoicing, production and outsourcing-related documentation will all have corresponding cost changed pacts to settle costs independently.
2. Allows assigning the adjustment artificially, may the man-power assign the cost amount to the cost changed pact, and does not integrate the rallying adjustment.   
3. Costs: Monthly-weighted average, moving weighted average, standard cost.
4. Monthly settlement cost rallying makes the weighted average to each month and cost rallying batch settlement.
5. Cost sharing can depend on each production item number to accumulate the spot of actual production, carry on the labor (expense) cost sharing.   
6. Combination on the production management system, cost-sharing can be calculated accordance with production number*standard labor hours, or production number * the machine hours.
7. Combination of on-site management module, the cost-sharing can be calculated accordance with the number of man-hours, the actual number of the machine hours on return completed pact.





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