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Production Management System


☆ Production Management combined with sales orders, forecast sales, outsourced workers and the remaining stock to send the information, implementation of production orders and planned production, to achieve important coordination of production and marketing, with materials management and clearly recorded for each master production has led to the use of materials, providing the most accurate and detailed financial sector management analysis information in order to improve productivity performance.

※ Set Operations
1. Production Planning Parameter Setup
2. Factory Setup
3. Work Unit Setup
4. Production Line Setup
5. Production Management System Lock-Protected Setup 

※ Documents Operation
1. Production contact is the contact list of business sector and production management sector. When the sales management system orders are assigned to home-made or outsourcing of production, the system will automatically cast the order information to the production contact of the production management system to inform the production management system the information of production requirements.
2. Master production not only be cast from production contact list of ordered production, but also log on their own for planning production; Systems make marked of implementation status by progress of master production automatically; It can go into storage in turn or cancel the production.
3. Master production changed of material used is used in the selection or change of the standard amount of substitute materials automatically calculated by the system; the system will control materials and the amount of use in the follow-up receiving material after change.
4. Received by master production make the material management when receiving by master production and can receive material in batches.
5. Returned by master production provides the remaining materials for material return management by master production.
6. Received over is used when materials beyond the standard dosage.
7. Production in of storage is used for storage after complete master production. When production storage is complete, the system will automatically generate a consumption pact to complete deductions of the inventory raw materials and increase inventory master production products.
8. Consumption pact is generated by the system automatically when production in of storage. It provides master production products and materials to make changes in inventory management.

※ Inquiry Operation
1. Production Contact List Books Query
2. Master Production Books Query
3. Master Production Material Used Books Query
4. Received by Master Production Books Query
5. Returned by Master Production Books Query
6. Received Over Books Query
7. Production in of Storage Books Query
8. Consumption Books Query
9.  Each document and book can adjust the order of columns check by the user, can be saved as Excel file; Also provides a diversified multi-field angle of inquiries and order, which is flexible and convenient.

※ Feature of Module:
1. Combine sales management module with the implementation of production orders.
2. Master production can produce in accordance with production contact list corresponding with multiple orders combined.
3.Master production allowed material consumption details unfold automatically according to BOM, containing all of the semi-finished products and raw materials. Production orders can be made for the particular master production has led to material changes.
4.One master production may receive several materials, but the total amount can not exceed the inventories BOM adjusts.
5. Independent received over management mechanism, when received material has reached the number of master production allowed material consumption; it must be approved by the director to use received over pact to continue receiving materials.
6.One master production can be divided into sub-storage, the system will automatically determine the master production led to closed.
7. Entire batch of unclosed master production can be closed at the end of the month and open new master production next month. 
8.You can set whether to open master production directly according to each product; when the inventories of semi-finished products require for the master production are insufficient; the system will automatically open master production for insufficient semi-finished products.
9. Mechanism of automatically deducts material consumption; to those chemistry raw materials, liquid state raw material, the screw, small consume material...and so on, which is unable to receive precisely small amount according to the master production, may not receive. The system provides deduction account number function, you can use BOM launched permission consuming material quantity to deduct the factory district storage quantity automatically, and estimate generally balance quantity after production storage, then readjustment to the precise balance at periodic inventory.
10. Combine with MRP (Material Requirement Planning) system, easy to estimate the stock less than expected, to achieve the ERP spirit of effective use of inventory resources and reduce idle inventory.
11. Through master production to distribute the production factory, production lines, and combine with master production scheduling system to generate production planning and calculate the output of production line capacity, discharge optimum production plan and reduce the rate of production lines idle.
12. Combine with BOR (Bill of Routine) systems and on-site management system to advance management of all production processes, and manage production processes in accordance with the receiving and using of materials. Real-time manage of inventory.
13. Combination with outsourcing management systems, easy to complete management of material or non-material OEM, reaching labor and material management.





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