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Financial and General Ledger Management System


☆ Financials can compile all the workflow within the enterprise occurred in the relevant documentation, the amount of flow, work management, and helps managers understand the company's operation, financial condition, and then set the correct decision. It provides accurate financial statements, and help policymakers to assess and analysis. Through sales, purchasing, inventory, collection and payment, notes . . . and other management system, the system automatically generates the documentation in accordance with the relevant voucher, reduces heavy work of accountants, and reaches the spirit of ERP e - internal control and internal audit management. The system automation's one-to-one bookkeeping management lets the bookkeeping management be watertight.

※ Set Operations
1. Subject links to automatically switch to voucher setup
2. Automatic switch to cost setup
3. Fiscal year setup
4. Subject setup
5. Program setup
6. Plan sharing ratio setup
7. Department sharing ratio setup
8. Common voucher setup
9. Commonly used summary setup
10. Financial number of decimal places setup
11. Financial general ledger system locking protection setup

※ Documents Operation
1. Department budget provides various departments to set the amount of the cost estimates used; it can follow the year, month to set. From the annual expense budget sheet can be clearly seen and the actual amount of the budget variance analysis.
2. Plan budget is used for establishment of each plan (other name special case) each item of expense budget amount use, it may setup by year or by month; from the annual expense budget sheet can be clearly seen and the actual amount of the budget variance analysis.
3. Voucher record all the company's business activities and transactions. It can quickly operate with functions of common voucher and common summary. Including: Departments and plan features, easy to complete the sector and program profit and loss account; Strike a balance code automatically output real account balance of subject schedule. 80% ~ 90% of system automation output voucher will include the original documents button links to allow accountants easily return to point tracking, rapid completion of the audit procedures of internal control and audit.   
4 Foreign currency vouchers are used for the imports and export trade. In addition to the function containing the above voucher, the main increase is recording billing currency, exchange rate and the original amount of foreign currency; When examination itemized account, may present ledger account of the multi-coin, lets the finance and accounting personnel with ease check amount of the foreign currency bankbook.
5. Voucher batch posting provides carrying out many vouchers fast post or cancel; It can follow the voucher number interval batch processing; follow the voucher to the date range of batch processing; follow the voucher to the source batch processing (for example: sale pact, purchase closing pact, collection pact, general purchase order ..., etc.).
6. Batch code again is used to vouchers re-number operations.
7. Per-month operation provides the accountants to carry out the monthly close account work for per-month operation after complete the examination. After per-month operation, the system will simultaneously locks various vouchers of the original document this month to carry out the monthly close account work, including abolition of per=month operation.
8. Per-year operation provides accountants to carry out the yearly close account work for per-year operation after complete the examination, including canceling operation by users have permission.  

※ Inquiry Operation
1. Department Budget Query
2. Program Budget Query
3. Vouchers Books Query
4. Foreign Currency Books Query
5. Each document and book can adjust the order of columns check by the user, can be saved as Excel file; Also provides a diversified multi-field angle of inquiries and order, which is flexible and convenient.

※ Feature of Module
1. In the system constructs the going on the market cabinet standard accounting subject, the user may depend on the demand to make the addition and revision.
2. Flexibility fiscal year, the start and end month can be defined by the user on their own to meet the change of fiscal year, can be flexibility in the use of Odd Year; also apply to reset the fiscal year when corporate restructuring or merger.
3. Each accounting subject may assign within three strikes a balance code, the system will automatically schedule of clearing the balance of subjects.
4. Subject set provides replication function and accounting for foreign currency.
5. In the subject set, you can set the management subjects (such as: strike a balance code, department set up ... and so on), when typing the voucher, the system will automatically check the information on the voucher is not incomplete.
6. In the subject set, you can only manage national currency or foreign currency. Using foreign currency management, the system can automatically calculate the amount of foreign currency. 
4. Program income statement (also known as project income statement), which provides various expense and income analysis of the plan implementation; It may utilize in the new product promotion benefit analysis; may utilize in the product display activity benefit analysis; may utilize in the promotion activity benefit analysis...and so on.
5. Program sharing ratio set, after typing the voucher, the system can automatically calculate before and after the program-sharing income statement.
6. The department commonly used common expense is pre-set according to various departments sharing ratio, after typing the voucher, the system can automatically calculate before and after the various departments profit center sharing income statement.
7. Common used voucher set facilitates the transaction vouchers which occurs in the periodicity to open accounts, for example: salary expense, labor and health insurance expense, water and electricity charges, rent disbursement...and so on, reduces the hard work of accountants.
8. Commonly used summary set, which sets each subject for multiple common-used summaries in order to reduce the personnel typing time.
9. Voucher operations: borrowing and credit self-balancing; reference pact number source can be traced back; It can select yet to strike strike a balance code, saving manual entry time.
10. Foreign currency voucher: The national currency borrower and the national currency lender system will automatically multiplied by the exchange rate conversion to national currency, easy to complete the foreign currency vouchers and foreign currency ledger.  





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