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Salary Management


Process Structure System


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Intron ERP Management System- more pragmatic and supporting communication


In the knowledge economy era, right talents are the enterprise's greatest assets. Doing a good job of human resource management, everyone will have appropriate terms and sustained growth within the organization, builds core competitiveness for the company in the E era.

Position, grade, rank set 

Settings different positions corresponding to the rank and grade range.

Staff data management

Documented employees’ families, education, experience, communications and many other individual basic information

Duty change history

Detailed record of staff duty change, including transfer, reinstatement, leave without pay, promotion, demotion, salary, resignation, dismissal, retirement

Work contract management 

Record contract card number/beginning and ending period/special pledge and so on for the staff who signed labor contract

Staff training records

Establish staff training plans and estimate costs of training, and then evaluate results.
Calculate training costs of each employee's actual cost-sharing.

Employee appraisal 

Customize assessment project, integrate employee self-assessment and director evaluation to help implement the leadership and command.

Employee reward and punishment 

  Direct reward and punishment according to the performance of employees, which will be immediately inspired and achieve the best results.

Intron ERP Salary Management- Set the Tone of the Formula Easy to Pay 

Custom payroll project

Users can set up in accordance with needs of the salary project required.

Payroll print

The payroll project can be set whether to be printed on payroll

Labor and health insurance, income tax

Built-in labor and health insurance, income tax form: Users may follow the tax laws, and then change on their own

Labor retirement pension calculation

Staff salary management

Salary adjustment, the basic salary and other fixed-salary items will be automatically adjusted.

Monthly attendance information transferring

Monthly attendance information can be transferred from the punch card system or by manually enter on your own


Enter a monthly bonus, performance, and special adjustment of the month

Flexible pay formulas setting

Comply with all pay types

Unlimited times and period for payroll

Available at any time to pay operating

Bank salary media transfer 

System will automatically transfer the information of transferring out of salaries, saving the manual work time of each pay

    • Annual salary schedule
    • Income tax withholding tax table






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