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☆ BOM Management System, can directly input, or text file batch into BOM structure; It provides plug-in location management, structural loop warning prompt, BOM material loss rate of setting, main materials, alternative materials, select materials, virtual assemble maintenance, so that the use of BOM is more flexible and diversified, more integration of the actual production needs. R & D and pilot production products can be estimated according to BOM for material costs; into the procurement phase, the recent purchase price cost can be calculated according to BOM; After complete the costing in accounting, you can analyze the cost of accounting in accordance with BOM.
※ Set Operation
1. BOM management system lock-protected setup 
※ Documents Operation
1. BOM add to offer building all-order of the materials. 
2. BOM positive start provides examining some product various steps needed material.
3. BOM inverse start provides examining that materials or components are supplied to which products to use. 
4. BOM sub-item batch changed provides convenience materials changed, with easy changes the materials and no omit.
※Inquiry Operation
1. BOM Add Query
2. BOM Positive Start Query
3. BOM Inverse Start Query

※ Feature of Module:
1. BOM single step increases, establishes one time may with easy combine each item of end product BOM.
2. BOM can be added directly or batch into with text file.
3. The super-step item number is from the material maintenance main files, it can be the end product, the half-finished product, the components, the material...and so on.
4. The sub-step item number is from material maintenance main files, the sub-step item number cannot be the end product item number.
5. Alternative materials are from the material maintenance the main file, which is the substitute for sub-class numbers, its limitations are the same as sub-step.
6. BOM structure that allows copying.
7. Plug-in location management, record parts location. The system will check whether the enter location number and part number are the same.
8. The structural circulation early warning prompt confirms that BOM will not result in structural circulation because of set error.
9. BOM sub-parts material loss rate integrates MRP management system to estimate used material amount.
10. BOM sub-parts material loss rate integrates production management system of various materials and parts receiving control.


11. BOM cost analysis provided a total of four kinds: 1. Standard cost analysis 2. The recent purchased price analysis 3. The accounting cost analysis 4. Procurement contracts price analysis.





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