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The system provides the production process of materials to manufactures, as well as description of each process standards, product standards and the use of production resources and their occupation of the amount of process on the operation. The system provides a material process changes, as well as the journeys of version control, version control routing operations. The system provides capacity computing standards - product line, resource group; it also provides the comprehensive rang setting --- the basis of outsourcing production processes and outsourcing materials.

Product process

Process records materials in production steps of a process, describes the use of production resources for each production steps, to make full use of machinery equipment and labor resources.

Item number group

Multiple item numbers can be combined into one item number; it can be set according to item groups when definite production line capacity.

Outsourcing process

Outsourcing process setting system provides flexible outsourcing process settings, including outsourcing manufactures / outsourcing materials / outsourcing process details

BOR system sample





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